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The creative small shape of the paper straw makes you love it.

The creative small shape of the paper straw makes you love it.

Issue Time:2019-05-13

Spuntree shares the news of paper straws with you:

Paper straws are a common disposable consumable in life. In the past, no matter how beautiful the paper straws were, they could only be returned to the trash can after use. However, now it is different, Sujiada Ridge tells you the creative small shape of a variety of paper straws, this summer's beautiful paper straws will never be wasted!

We can use a paper pipe to build a Ferris wheel. You are the architect. The straw is your steel bar. In the needle thread, a beautiful and lightweight Ferris wheel can be made. The Ferris wheel made of paper straw can be used as an ornament. Decorate your nest.

We have a nose in the family, we can make a paper straw bracelet with the baby, here we can also use the clothes on the small. With the baby, you can exercise your baby's hands-on ability, and you can fully exercise the muscles of your hands, and your hands and brains are full of fun.

The color of the paper straws is often more colorful. Cut the paper straws into small pieces, alternate them, and wear them with colored ropes. This is a very unique necklace.

If you want to hang up your home green plant, you can also use a paper straw, so you don't have to go out and buy it. It can be made by yourself, suitable for any type of flower pot.

There is also a very suitable for younger children to operate, the curved snake is so cute, the paper straw is just suitable for pasting and cutting, and the mother can make it with the baby.

I want a small dinner. The big party seems to be more motivated and more foreign. Use paper straws to make a few card holders, write your blessings or guest names or various instructions, and the style is high.

Disposable consumables such as paper straws are common in life, and if they can be used after use, they are both fun and environmentally friendly.

The above is the latest paper straws information compiled by Spuntree for you.

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