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Taiwan began to ban disposable plastic straws

Taiwan began to ban disposable plastic straws

Issue Time:2019-07-04

Spuntree shares the news of paper straws with you:

On the 1st, all counties and cities in Taiwan conducted a simultaneous inspection of the implementation of the “plastic limit policy”. Paper strawPaper strawThe "Environmental Protection Department" said that 1,138 inspections were completed on the first day, and that the two did not meet the requirements of the announcement, and the persuasion list had been opened, and the implementation was generally good. The "Executive Dean" Su Shichang pre-recorded video said that before the implementation of the policy, several paper-made straws made in Taiwan were tried. As a result, "the experimental results show that the material of the paper straws can be used." A Taiwanese reporter visited a chain fast food restaurant on the morning of the 1st and found that most people did not use straws to drink. A clerk gave the reporter a paper strawPaper straw, and the reporter tried to drink it similar to a plastic straw.The “plastic limit policy” is only part of Taiwan’s environmental protection policy. In the 1990s, Taiwan began to implement the “non-landing” policy. Since 2005, it has begun to promote the “junk compulsory classification plan”. Taiwan's garbage is mainly divided into three categories: general garbage, resource garbage (recyclable garbage) and kitchen waste. The resource waste mainly includes waste paper, scrap iron and glass containers, waste batteries, waste lamps, etc.; Refers to organic waste generated by ordinary households, such as fruit skin, vegetable leaves, expired food, tea residue, coffee grounds, etc., depending on the treatment method, it will be subdivided into raw kitchen waste and cooked kitchen waste; the rest is ordinary garbage, and cannot be recycled. Will be taken directly to the incineration plant for incineration. Paper strawPaper straw.Therefore, in the kitchens of many Taiwanese families, there will be three garbage bins, each of which will be equipped with the above three kinds of garbage, and the garbage classification will be realized without leaving the house. Residents who do not follow the regulations will face a fine of 1200-6000 NT dollars.Paper straw.To encourage the public to practice waste sorting, many cities in Taiwan implement a garbage bag charging policy. The garbage bag is made of degradable plastic with a special logo printed on it and charged at a charge.

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