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Interesting paper straws

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Interesting paper straws

Issue Time:2019-07-09
 Spuntree shares the news of paper straws with you:

The City of San Diego has suspended the implementation of new regulations prohibiting the use of Styrofoam in most restaurants, interesting paper straws and a full-service restaurant, unless they ask for it, do not distribute plastic straws and cutlery to customers.
The rule came into force earlier this year, but before the California Restaurant Association’s lawsuit was resolved, the city’s eclectic paper pipette did not enforce the rules, said Gerry Braun, spokesperson for the San Diego City Prosecutor’s Office. For them, new rules and changes confuse companies across the city.
Laura Ambrose and her husband have owned Woodstock's Pizza, a pizzeria chain in California for 18 years. She said it would sometimes be difficult to track all the regulations and laws in every place where she owns a restaurant. “Now in California, every city has its own tendency to make laws, interesting paper straws so we have to be very careful because we are in six different towns,” she said.
Last year, the California legislature passed a law restricting plastic straws and tableware. The client has to ask for it now, but Ambrose said the change did not make her scramble. Her restaurant stopped dispensing plastic straws long before the ban was issued.

In 2017, volunteers removed more than 20,000 pieces of polystyrene from San Diego Beach, a non-profit organization, the Surffried Foundation, which is committed to protecting the oceans. According to non-profit organizations, plastic straws are one of the most common items in the beach cleaning process and are harmful to marine wildlife.
But getting rid of plastic straws is not a realistic choice for everyone. The interesting paper straw manager, California Abacto, director of the Legal Advocacy Department for Disability Rights, said he is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of people with disabilities. .
“Plastic straws are a tool that many of our disability customers need to get equal services in commercial establishments, so we advocate an exception to the law prohibiting straws so that anyone who requires a plastic straw can use it,” he said.
He said that paper straws are not effective for people with limited mobility, and metal and glass straws can be dangerous for them.
At City Heights, Enrique Gandarilla from the City Heights Business Association has been distributing bilingual flyers to small businesses, and interesting paper straws outline new rules.
“Small businesses need to track a lot, so adding something doesn’t make things easier, but I think it’s a matter of time, eventually the company will adjust, they will adapt, they will make changes and then it’s just part of the business. ,"He says.
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