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Summer colored drink straws come!!!

Summer colored drink straws come!!!

Issue Time:2019-07-31
Summer colored drink straws come!!!
Spuntree shares with you - share paper straws, the company was established 20 years ago, specializing in the production of paper tubes, according to customer needs, exported to Europe and the United States market, Southeast Asia market, and received praise from customers! Here Spuntree came to talk to you why paper straws will be affected welcome!    

Last summer, single-use plastic straws officially became the enemy. Large companies like Marriott, the Walt Disney Company, and Starbucks announced plans to eliminate them in all their locations. As people and corporations have come to realize the potential damage single-use plastic straws pose to the environment, all sorts of different straw alternatives have grown in popularity. More restaurants have started using them and some consumers are now carrying their own. Now, there are at least six key kinds made from glass, bamboo, paper, silicon, stainless steel.
Nowadays, straws made of wheat straw have appeared on the market, which are naturally harmless and degradable, which will not pollute the environment and have low prices. This wheat straw is especially suitable for bars and some food and beverage outlets. It is not only cheap, but also customers can feel the aroma of malt when drinking.

The above is the latest paper straws information compiled by Spuntree for you.

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