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A week is over, tomorrow is coming to the weekend!!!

A week is over, tomorrow is coming to the weekend!!!

Issue Time:2019-08-02
A week is over, tomorrow is coming to the weekend
Spuntree shares today's news with you. The company was founded 20 years ago. It specializes in the production of paper straws, wheat straws and disposable paper cups and paper plates. It can be customized according to customer needs. The products are exported to European and American markets, Southeast Asian markets, and customers. 

Friends who have worked hard for a week, haven't you arranged for a weekend to play there? Spuntree reminds you that the weather is hot, you should pay attention to heatstroke prevention sunscreen when you go out to play, and do a good job of sun protection to ensure your health. In the case of playing with the body, it is necessary to replenish moisture in time. There must be a lot of beautiful girls in the summer to worry about such a problem, that is, how to drink a drink will not erase the lipstick on the mouth, here Spuntree gives everyone a good suggestion: drink with a straw. Our company has a wide range of environmentally friendly straws. Today, plastics can cause environmental pollution. Our company uses paper straws made of environmentally friendly materials, colored paper straws, natural wheat straws, and Recycled stainless steel straws always have a straw that fits your personality. Spuntree
especially recommend to you the wheat straw, which comes with wheat aroma, natural, good taste.Come and act with your little friends around you! ! !

The above is the latest paper straws information compiled by Spuntree for you.

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