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Why is it so difficult to make paper straws a daily necessities?

Why is it so difficult to make paper straws a daily necessities?

Issue Time:2019-08-08
Spuntree shares today's news with you. The company was founded 20 years ago. It specializes in the production of paper straws, wheat straws and disposable paper cups and paper plates. It can be customized according to customer needs. The products are exported to European and American markets, Southeast Asian markets, and customers.

Onald Trump's campaign is to sell straws. Plastic straws, natural. The event has raised nearly 500,000 red straws from the sale of 15 “TRUMP” brands as a replacement for “free paper straws”.
Of course, the premise is that the stupid idea of ​​liberals saving the planet and banning plastic straws is worth ridiculing. Paper suction does not work, and household paper pipette liberalism does not work. (Who knows what a socialist straw might look like?) The straw movement is so naive, so trivial - with a touch of nihilism - this is the perfect package of true Trumpism. After all, Americans have long used white supremacist politicians as a selling point, from founders to John C. Calhoun to George Wallace, Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” to Ronald Reagan, as this week’s news reminder That's ours. We are used to praising the United States as the greatest country in the world - this is the bipartisan foreign policy before the Monroe.
However, for our current moments, the politics of persecution is somewhat perfect. Forty years of ruthless irreplaceable propaganda has made it difficult for many household paper pipepers to believe that change is possible, so they may wish to put their middle finger in the world.
In the UK, Boris Johnson brought the Trump-style Brexit turmoil to the Prime Minister's office - not through elections, but after Teresa's fall in May, he was chosen by the Conservatives. He also showed this little thing.
"Herald" writer John Harris quotes Fintan O'Toole's point of view that Johnson's appeal is "punk spirit, household paper straws or something similar." Punk does have its nihilism, its rude gestures. The priest, as well as the person wearing the 10,000 character is just shocked. Harris believes that part of the motivation for Brexit is "a collective desire, similar to the destructive desires of the punk era, and the inability to translate resentment into any gesture that is not just self-harming."
But punk is not the right term.
In fact, punk is the last time to breathe in the era of social democracy. Funded and educated by the Free School of Art in the United Kingdom and the cheap Manhattan School in the United States, it is still frustrated by the promise of the peace and love generation it sees.
When punk itself condenses, it may be just a boring, demanding spoiler child. However, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are by no means a jerk. Contrary to the working children of the working class, they are targeting the powers that Trump and Johnson pretend to control. Their violence is the poorly-fledged rich family, but he manages to snatch power for himself, just despising those who let him get there. As Duncan Thomas pointed out, they can't produce any real solution. They just hope that if they shout, they will cover up the obvious fact that they don't know what they are doing.

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