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Prohibit plastics , protect the environment!!!

Prohibit plastics , protect the environment!!!

Issue Time:2019-08-28
Prohibit plastics , protect the environment!!!
ban plastic,protact enviroment
Spuntree shares today's news with you. The company was founded 20 years ago. It specializes in the production of paper strawswheat straws and disposable paper cups and paper plates. It can be customized according to customer needs. The products are exported to European and American markets, Southeast Asian markets, and customers.

As the global environment deteriorates, countries are paying more and more attention to environmental issues. As the most polluted plastic of mankind, it has become a measure for rectification in various countries. In recent years, the pollution of plastics has spread to many aspects, not only to the natural pollution, these plastic products have been exposed to the air for a long time and cannot be degraded for a long time. Some plastic products fall into the ocean, hurting many marine life and natural creatures. Threatened by their lives. Disposable plastic straws used daily are particularly expensive. The environmental pollution is immeasurable. We call on people to work with Spuntree to produce environmentally friendly paper straws to protect the environment and protect nature.

The above is the latest paper straws information compiled by Spuntree for you.

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