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Seattle becomes the first major city in the US to ban plastic straws

Seattle becomes the first major city in the US to ban plastic straws

Issue Time:2019-09-23
Seattle becomes the first major city in the US to ban plastic straws
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According to the Strawless Ocean organization, most plastic straws are too light to pass through industrial recycling sorters and may damage other recycling operations; eventually these straws enter the ocean. The organization estimates that 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have plastic in their stomachs.

From July 1st, drinks sold in Seattle will no longer be equipped with straws, unless the consumer asks, in which case the consumer will get a degradable straw. Degradable paper straws and plastic straws can still be used. In addition, people with medical needs can continue to use the straw without restrictions.

If someone does not comply with this rule, they will face a fine of 250 US dollars (about 1663 yuan). However, the city’s leadership told the Seattle Times that in the initial stages of law enforcement, the main purpose was to raise public awareness rather than issuing a ticket to consumers who did not comply.

In September last year, 150 companies in Seattle participated in the no-sucking campaign to reduce the use of plastic straws. The Strawless Marine Organization estimates that in that month alone, the city's plastic straw use was reduced by 2.3 million.

In fact, as early as 10 years ago, Seattle had required all disposable food utensils to be degradable or recycled, but straws and other "freedom" because there were not many alternatives at the time.

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