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Taiwan once used a plastic straw to restrict the use of the policy on July 1 officially on the road

Taiwan once used a plastic straw to restrict the use of the policy on July 1 officially on the road

Issue Time:2019-09-27
Taiwan once used a plastic straw to restrict the use of the policy on July 1 officially on the road
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According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”, Taiwan’s policy of restricting the use of plastic straws was officially launched on July 1, and the Taipei Environmental Protection Agency gave priority to the internal environment of “not necessarily using straws” and conducted comprehensive inspections, the first time. Violation of the rules first persuasion, and then violations will be fined.

     In response to the Taiwanese government's policy of reducing plasticity, the use of disposable plastic straws was prohibited in the internal environment on July 1. The four categories of restricted use include government departments, schools, department stores and shopping centers, and chain fast food restaurants. The Taipei Environmental Protection Bureau began to implement a comprehensive audit.

     Cui Haozhi, a special member of the Resource Recycling Management Department of the Taipei Environmental Protection Bureau, pointed out that there are currently about 549 people in the four major categories of restricted use in Taipei. From July 1st, a comprehensive audit was conducted. The violators were in accordance with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency. The second time will be persuaded and improved within a time limit. The second and subsequent violators will be fined between NT$1,200 and NT$6,000 according to the “Waste Removal Law”.

The Taipei Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has issued a letter to inform the relevant stores to cooperate and hold 4 regulations briefings to ensure that the company can understand the policy content and implement it. In addition, it also sends the advocacy list, round stickers and posters. Please ask the store to be in the store. Post and advocate to the public.

     Cui Haozhi pointed out that the new system is mainly to guide the people to change their habits. It is preferred to start from the internal environment that “does not need to use straws”. At present, the four categories of restricted objects will be taken, and the cups or paper straws will be used. Non-plastic straws such as silicone straws or bamboo straws are provided to consumers, and people are encouraged to bring their own stainless steel straws to reduce the use of disposable straws.

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