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Redefining the environmentally friendly tableware market with silicone straws

Redefining the environmentally friendly tableware market with silicone straws

Issue Time:2019-10-22
Redefining the environmentally friendly tableware market with silicone straws
Spuntree silicone straw
The “plastic limit order” has been going through many years, and the ban on importing a variety of solid wastes, including waste plastics, has been implemented for more than a year. However, is the white garbage really far away from people? The investigation found that in people's daily life, plastic garbage such as plastic cups, plastic straws, straw bags, plastic trays for drinks, cups and lids are still nowhere. Not there.

Plastic straws have always been standard on a variety of beverages, but in recent years there has been less and less to be seen. According to statistics, the number of plastic straws consumed in the United States alone is as high as 500 million. Denise Hardesty, a scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, who studies plastic pollution, said: "Everyone is realizing that there are actually some disposable plastic products that we don't actually need."

In recent years, news about the death of marine organisms due to the ingestion of plastic waste is not uncommon. In February of this year, a sperm whale caused stomach infections due to the ingestion of 29 kilograms of plastic waste, and eventually landed on the beaches of southern Spain. In the face of more and more serious plastic pollution, some beverage stores have already undergone transformation. A popular coffee brand has announced that it will stop using plastic straws by 2020. All storefronts worldwide will eliminate disposable plastic straws within two years in response to actions to counter disposable plastic products.

"To drink a drink, use a straw, and eat a noodle with a fork. This is a long-term consumption habit. If the business does not provide it, it may also make some consumers dissatisfied." Therefore, the executive director of the Jiangsu Food and Beverage Industry Association Yu Xuerong said frankly. In order to actively and rationally guide consumption habits and actively cultivate and promote the environmental concept of consumer catering, we can try to innovate product packaging to replace traditional plastic products. Based on the concept of “green consumption”, the Spuntree brand actively responded to the national call to comply with market trends and is preparing to launch silicone straws in the near future.

As an environmentally friendly product, silicone straws can not only replace plastic straws that are harmful to the environment and the human body, but also recycle them. More importantly, the silicone pipette is resistant to both high temperatures and low temperatures. Therefore, it will not damage the silicone tube or produce harmful substances when it is frozen in the refrigerator or boiled in boiling water. The traditional plastic tube is not only easy to age, but also not resistant to high temperature, low temperature, and even some plastic tubes can produce harmful substances at high temperatures. In addition, the life of the silicone pipette can be as high as five years or more, and it has many advantages such as soft material, no trace of biting, no folding, no deformation, no cracking, no oil cleaning and simple cleaning.

In addition to the development of silicone straws, Spunree also has a number of environmentally friendly tableware. These products are very suitable for home, kitchen, infants and children, and can cater to the needs of customers at different levels. Spuntree has been in existence for more than 20 years, and we have always adhered to environmental protection, and we have done our part to ease the burden on the earth. We regard environmental protection as our company philosophy and provide sustainable development for our lives!