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Wheat reuse, the factory receives millions of orders!

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Wheat reuse, the factory receives millions of orders!

Issue Time:2019-10-29
Wheat reuse, the factory receives millions of orders
Recently, with the increasing ban on plastics, various environmentally-friendly tableware have followed. As a country with a large population and fast pace of life, the consumption of disposable plastic products is also very high, while plastics The pollution to the environment is also very serious. China has also recently implemented and classified to deal with such problems. However, this is only a starting point. In recent years, many foreign countries have been banned, and disposable straws have become the primary replacement products.

Our company is specialized in environmental protection issues. Recently, we have developed a new product based on the original product - wheat straw. It is currently not well-known in the market. It is made of natural high-quality wheat and has been processed through a series of processes such as high-temperature salt water soaking, cutting, high-temperature disinfection, infrared disinfection and drying fumigation. Reuse of waste has solved the problem of people burning wheat straw and polluting the atmosphere. Farmers can also earn money and get more.

Wheat straws come from nature and can be naturally degraded. They want to educate straws of other materials. It is safer and has the unique taste of wheat when drinking water. It is worth trying. In the 12th hour of Chang'an, Zhang Xiaojing used it to drink persimmons. Has been loved by the vast number of consumers.