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The change of disposable straw in the era of environmental protection!

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The change of disposable straw in the era of environmental protection!

Issue Time:2019-10-30
The change of disposable straw in the era of environmental protection!
Disposable tableware is a huge consumption item in people's daily life. It is convenient and low cost. It is a must for many businesses. These disposable tableware are widely used in restaurants, bars, takeaways and entertainment venues.

With the rise of people's consumption level and the rise of take-away, the use of disposable tableware has been greatly developed, but many merchants love to use disposable plastic tableware. We know that the pollution caused by plastics is huge. And under the influence of high temperature, plastic may affect food. Many countries are also aware of the harm that plastics pose to the environment. China's first change from disposable plastic bags, disposable plastic bags in the supermarket are no longer gifted, become a fee to buy and use, advocate the use of some bags or recycled bags to change people's spending habits. Also achieved good results.

A further approach now is to classify and classify these wastes and increase the recycling of resources. Many countries in foreign countries have begun to implement a comprehensive ban on plastics, prohibiting the use of disposable plastic items, and even some countries will face high fines for using plastics. As a tableware industry, the value of the straw and its market are undoubtedly very impressive, because most countries in the world pay great attention to diet. There are many straws on the market, including paper straws, stainless steel straws, reed straws, wheat straws, and silicone straws. The invention of these straws is based on environmental protection.They have their own advantages and disadvantages, the most obvious performance in terms of price, many people still want to use plastic straws, the reason is probably because plastic straws are easy to use, but more importantly, plastic straws are cheap. The material of the environmentally-friendly straws on the market is higher than the cost of plastics, and the price is definitely higher than the price of plastic straws. The straw is presented to the consumer as an auxiliary tool, and the consumption of the straw is very large, and the cost of the merchant will become high, which affects the profit. Perhaps the current price of environmentally friendly straws will be high, but we should believe that this is an effort we should make for environmental protection. Otherwise, we may have to pay a higher price to make up for the day when the environment deteriorates.

In the case that environmental protection has become an inevitable trend, the use of environmentally friendly straws is imperative. People's perceptions of one-time environmental degradation can also change over time.