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Good idea for environmental protection!

Good idea for environmental protection!

Issue Time:2019-11-04
Good idea for environmental protection
reed straws
Ten miles of reeds surround Xiong'an, and reed flowers open one side. Since ancient times, the small reeds have become the economic pillar of the development of the Baiyangdian area while decorating the North China Plain. However, since the 20th century, with the rapid increase in the value of machinery industrialization, the Lusheng cooperatives in Baiyangdian area have been affected by cost factors and are on the verge of bankruptcy. A large number of abandoned and polluted surrounding waters have burned the polluted air of reed straw and have potential safety hazards. The bleak operation of the entire reed industry has led to the low income of the farmers, which has seriously restricted the economic development of the Baiyangdian area.

To this end, the “Lusheng Huakai” project team of the North China Electric Power University (Baoding) team began extensive surveys and surveys from December 2015. After nearly one year of investigation and analysis, the team concluded at the end of 2016 that the current Baiyangdian area is restricted. There are two major problems in the development of the industrial chain of the reed industry: First, in the upper reaches of the Lusong Cooperative, the local tenant farmers harvested the reeds with low efficiency and high cost. Second, in the downstream of the Reed Cooperative, the reed products sold in the Baiyangdian area are mainly enamel foil. , banquet, single processing method, poor competitiveness.

In response to the existing problems, on the one hand, the project team carried out the advancement of the newly purchased wheat harvester, and successfully developed a special anti-sedimentation reed harvester specially designed for the complex terrain of the Baiyangdian area, which improved the harvesting. effectiveness.

On the other hand, the project team tried to make reeds into paper cups, straws, toothbrushes, and cooperated with Hebei Hongzhimu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to produce a group of environmentally friendly reed wood-plastic composite materials, which passed the National Building Materials Testing Center. Certification, the indicators of the material have reached the national standard. Compared with the previous wood-plastic products, the product performance is superior. The light-colored reeds are free from paint pollution and contain no chemicals such as formaldehyde, realizing true green environmental protection. Through the test of tensile strength and flexural strength, the impact strength of reed wood plastic is 30% higher than that of traditional wood plastic. This has increased the competitiveness of the reed products.

With the news that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council proposed the establishment of the Xiong'an New District in Hebei in April 2017, how to properly handle a large number of reeds and improve the ecological environment of Baiyangdian while driving the regional economic take-off has become a heart disease of the local government. To this end, the Xiong'an New District Management Committee has collected the Baiyangdian Reed Comprehensive Utilization Solution from the public WeChat “Xionan Release” for three consecutive times from September to November 2017.

Based on the previous research results, the Luhua Huakai project team of North China Electric Power University (Baoding) has learned from its own academic advantages and learned that the current insulation industry is widely used in the construction industry. So the team used the molecular simulation method in the school's environment-friendly laboratory to obtain a new formula to improve the insulation of reed wood and plastic, and applied for a patent. In December 2017, we also sent the tested insulation plastic to the key laboratory of safety and defense equipment for power transmission and transformation equipment in Hebei Province for testing. The test results proved that the complete substation needs in the ground and interior walls.

At the same time, the team summarized the results and submitted the Lusong Comprehensive Utilization Solution to the Xiong'an New District Management Committee. It was quickly received a reply. The Management Committee approved our solution and believed that it is improving the economic benefits of the reed. , to achieve the purpose of protecting the ecology of Baiyangdian. At the same time, we hope that the project will expand its coverage. With the development of the project, the government plans to make appropriate financial subsidies for all aspects of the project and guide more tenants and cooperatives to participate in the project.