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Turn waste into treasure, wheat stalks allow retired aunts to reshape their value

Turn waste into treasure, wheat stalks allow retired aunts to reshape their value

Issue Time:2019-11-05
 Turn waste into treasure, wheat stalks allow retired aunts to reshape their value

Two years ago, a group of retired aunts were worried about their retirement. After retirement, they could not find their own value. Too much free time made them feel bored. At this time, a straw factory in Wuxi also faced similar problems, because they produced paper straws, many people with the habit of biting straws, and could not accept this change for a short time. Therefore, the factory is facing tremendous pressure from the market. However, in an accidental opportunity, the founder of the company, Ge Jiaping, saw many farmers harvesting wheat in the farmland during the process of going out to play. The straw of these wheat was randomly discarded in the farmland. He suddenly developed a bold idea: Can you recycle these seemingly useless wheat rods into straws? Since the wheat stem itself has the characteristics of a straw and can be degraded quickly under natural conditions, such a material is very suitable for an environmentally friendly straw. When he went back, he convened the company's employees to discuss the idea. I didn't expect many people to agree with him because wheat is more fragile and difficult to process. Although everyone felt that his thoughts were whimsical, he still did not give up. After many experiments, he found that after soaking, the toughness of wheat became very good, which made it easy to cut.

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Ge Jiaping’s idea of ​​making wheat straws was known to a group of retired aunts who spontaneously came to the factory and hoped they could regain their value. They felt that the straw was more interesting than chatting with a group of people every day. They can also cut the straw while chatting, and the time is free. The company's founders also accepted this group of courageous aunts and started to make wheat straws. In the case of guaranteeing raw materials, he began to sell wheat straws after a series of treatments such as soaking the wheat straws, cutting, high-temperature anti-virus, drying and so on. Unexpectedly, just launched in the market has won the favor of many customers, they have said that this is a magical straw, can feel the aroma of wheat when drinking water, as long as it does not bite it in the dry time, in the water After a while, you can bite and have enough toughness. Meets many people who like to bite the straw.
The founder of the company, Ge Jiaping, said that he was very happy that his ideas could be realized and helped many people, on the one hand, promoted the development of agriculture, and on the other hand, retired aunts regained their value. Now Wuxi Sujiadaling Decoration Packaging Co., Ltd., in addition to making paper straws, has also started a wheat straw, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger. He is happy to tell us that we have just sold a large order of 2 million in the United States. Now everyone is very busy. 

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