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A company in Wuxi, using reeds as straws

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A company in Wuxi, using reeds as straws

Issue Time:2019-11-11
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“Using wetland reeds to make straws, environmental protection and creativity!” Wuxi Sujiadaling Decoration Packaging Co., Ltd. takes the materials locally and makes the reed rods growing near the wetlands into reed straws, which replaces the traditional plastic straws and is very environmentally friendly.

Their Mr. Ge Jiaping said that high-quality reeds will be collected in the wetlands. After crushing, shelling, cleaning, disinfecting and other processes, they will be made into natural straws and provided to customers, which are both environmentally friendly and beautiful. Because the reed bar cannot be stored, the dry reed can be used to make straws in the fall and winter seasons.

Plastic products are difficult to degrade and penetrate the environment. There are usually a large number of catering brands looking for alternatives to plastic straws, including paper, bamboo, straw, glass, stainless steel, etc. Mr. Ge Jiaping said: "The reason why we choose to make straws is because we have been growing on the wetlands and growing a lot of reeds. This provides unique conditions for environmental protection. We use reeds instead of plastics to make straws. It is environmentally friendly and practical, and is also popular with customers."
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