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"Environmental drinking straw" the new protagonist of the future tableware industry

"Environmental drinking straw" the new protagonist of the future tableware industry

Issue Time:2019-11-29
 "Environmental drinking straw" the new protagonist of the future tableware industry
Environmental protection has become a big issue that the whole society is concerned about. Nowadays, China has accelerated the ecological environment management work. I am afraid that people who run the company know last year ’s shutdown orders and production limit orders. The government ’s purpose is to protect The atmosphere is not polluted. So in recent years, the concept of green has long been popular, such as green travel, green buildings, etc. Today we talk about green tableware.

For a long time in the past, the economic and industrial development mode of many countries is to treat pollution first. What people are pursuing now is to protect the ecological environment. The old road in the past is no longer feasible. People have already launched an attack on white pollution, not to say that the use of disposable plastic bags, disposable meal boxes to environmentally friendly tote bags, etc. Looking at the international community, many countries have issued plastic restriction orders on plastic products. For example, the Queen of England last year banned royals from using plastic straws and plastic tableware.

Nowadays, people have become more conscious about protecting the environment, ecology and nature. In terms of food and beverage, the use of disposable chopsticks and the use of disposable lunch boxes are gradually being improved and reduced. Attention and use, and environmentally friendly straws are naturally welcomed by many people
Now people, especially environmentalists, have higher and higher requirements for parameters. Many people choose more practical and greener tableware instead of disposable tableware. Spuntree tableware is like this. Spuntree tableware uses environmentally friendly materials as raw materials, especially paper straws with variable shapes, which are quite popular with some consumers, especially in some high-end restaurants abroad. Recently, spuntree also introduced plant straws: wheat straws and reed straws, using natural plants as raw materials, and the utilization rate is very high.

The color of the paper straws is very distinctive in design. It can adapt to the living environment of different color systems, adding a warmth and romance to your life. Consumer groups are now pursuing personalization. Different consumers need different styles of products. Some of the shapes of spuntree's environmentally friendly straws are also very unique, with a very different style, which is especially suitable for young people who are pursuing individuality and seeking alternatives.