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Did you use the right tableware?

Did you use the right tableware?

Issue Time:2019-12-03
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stainless steel straws

These children often use wooden tableware, such as chopsticks, spoons, and wooden bowls that are more popular now. However, these wooden tableware are mostly made of birch, fir, or poplar, which is not suitable for long periods of time. The key is that these wooden tableware are relatively easy to get wet, mold is inside the tableware, and the wood is textured and made of logs. Not easy to clean; paints and coatings, because they are often exposed to high temperatures and are unhealthy. Therefore, wooden tableware, for a period of time, good or bad, it is recommended to change it every 3-6 months.

If it is high-grade wooden tableware, such as tableware made of chicken-wing wood, mahogany, and ironwood, its structure is relatively dense, even if mold is still present on the surface, as long as it is cleaned and cooked at high temperature for 5 minutes, it can achieve disinfection.

On the life, stainless steel's extraordinary corrosion resistance, naturally stand the test of time, it will not change much for decades. However, unqualified stainless steel has the potential to dissolve heavy metals such as rhenium and nickel.

Reminder: It is important not to use a stainless steel pot to cook at home, because it contains a variety of alkaloids, organic acids and other ingredients, especially under heating conditions, it will chemically react with it, making the efficacy ineffective, and even more toxic Large complex.

Plastic tableware

The emergence of plastic can be said to make up for the shortcomings of moldy bamboo material, but there are many hidden dangers in plastic. The most direct problem is aging. For example, polypropylene, which is most commonly used for plastic materials, although polypropylene does not release toxic substances, but for a long period of use, it will still degrade and gradually soften with the effect of light. So change it once a year.