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There are many styles of genuine paper straws in Wuxi.

There are many styles of genuine paper straws in Wuxi.

Issue Time:2019-12-19
There are many styles of genuine paper straws in Wuxi
Spuntree paper straw
Spuntree wheat straw
Spuntree reed straw
When we drink fruit juice or other beverages, we all use colorful straws, especially when girls are drinking milk tea, they especially like the pattern made by straws. Do you know the origin of straws? As early as the Tang Dynasty, it was recorded that reeds (reed stalks) were used for drinking. Du Fu's poem: "Yellow sheep is not stubborn, but reeds are still drunk." Westerners also have the tradition of hollow plant stems to drink liquid.

Another reason is that this diet is slower. Slowly sipping a drink with a straw is more fun than a big mouthful, and the time to enjoy the delicious food is lengthened.

Americans of the century particularly like to drink cold mint wine with straw. But whether it is reed tube or wheat, it can not avoid the shortcomings that will be rotten in a short time and affect the taste and taste of the wine.

There are about one taste bud on an adult's tongue, so you can taste thousands of flavors, and even distinguish extremely small differences. It is undoubtedly wonderful to activate these taste buds with different types of drinks. However, at present, many manufacturers of colored plastic straws use industrial grade polyethylene or waste plastic to save costs. Long-term use of this inferior straw may affect the blood or system. If the children use it for a long time, it may have an adverse effect on mental development.

At the end of the 19th century, an American cigarette maker gained a sense from paper cigarettes and invented a paper straw. In the middle of the last century, with the invention of plastic, plastic straws came out, and soon became a strange thing in people's daily lives.

The various styles of genuine paper straws in Wuxi are "look" first, depending on whether there is a logo on the outer packaging of the straw; whether the straw has a color, if there is a color, the safety will be reduced, and the darker one should be paid special attention to; There are black dot impurities or broken bubbles inside, which means it is a defective product. Followed by "smell", smell the pungent odor before touching the straw before touching the beverage. However, with just a few drops of lemon juice, you also need to cut the lemon in half, and the remaining lemon is not easy to keep. In fact, with the help of a paper straw, you can squeeze lemon juice. Let's take a look at the specific method. Over the past ten years, the company has reduced its use of plastic bags by more than 100 million. The wheat whirlwind plastic cup was replaced, and the plastic fork was resized. In addition, we promise to continue to promote green packaging.

Nowadays, the straws on the market are even more colorful. Spuntree has a variety of packaging and a variety of colors, suitable for more people, high-quality food-grade raw materials, tough enough, not easy to break, high temperature will not decompose material, pregnant women and babies Can be used with confidence.

Made of environmentally friendly materials, the effect of high permeability is more obvious, no impurities, meet environmental protection standards, suitable for social environmental protection needs. Multi-packaged straws, single color packaging, multiple color mixed packaging, convenient extraction, convenient storage.

After months of testing, the company reportedly confirmed the decision on Twitter: the company will use a new polypropylene cup lid instead of a plastic straw, which will have openings and mouthpieces designed for drinking.

Plastic straws contain substances that are harmful. Some plastic straws still contain contingent substances. Even plastic straws that have been labeled without bis-propane () may still contain other chemicals. We often crave for a moment's convenience, but harm our health invisibly.