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Spuntree wish you:Happy Christmas Eve

Spuntree wish you:Happy Christmas Eve

Issue Time:2019-12-24
Happy Christmas Eve
Happy Christmas Eve
Just like we have New Year's Eve in the Spring Festival, foreigners also prepare a rich Christmas dinner. Although it is rich, it is mainly Christmas roast chicken or roast goose, and pork. Others are some desserts, Christmas cakes or puddings and pies. This is a lot more plentiful than burger mashed potatoes. So what are the traditional Christmas activities besides Christmas dinner? Let's take a closer look at Christmas customs!

Making a Christmas Manger

Making Christmas mangers for Christmas is an old tradition. According to Bible records, Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem, so people use figurines and mangers to create the scene of Jesus' birth. This was originally a church in France showing the scene of Jesus' birth at Christmas, and this tradition has continued to this day.

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is a traditional custom that people attach great importance to. This meal must be eaten quickly. Christmas cakes, puddings, and minced meat cakes are all Christmas delicacies that people like. Some places also eat roast goose. In addition to eating this meal, there is a very important activity that everyone gathers together, and if there are unpleasant things in the past, they will come to an end and celebrate Christmas together.

Dress up christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a classic symbol of Christmas. In ancient times, western countries used the tradition of evergreen sacrifices, so the earliest Christmas trees were evergreens such as pine trees. Now when Christmas comes every year, dressing up the Christmas tree is also a favorite thing for children. The decoration will use Austrian lanterns, gold foil and some garlands.

Lighting christmas candle

During Christmas, devout Christians will light a candle outside the house, which means that Jesus can give people hope and light. Christianity was an illegal religion in the earliest times. Christians were repeatedly persecuted and forbidden to pray, so people lit candles to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

Origin of Christmas Eve:

It is said that on the night of Jesus 'birth, the shepherd who guarded the flock in the wilderness suddenly heard a voice from heaven telling them the news of Jesus' birth. According to the Bible, Jesus came to earth to be the king of the world and to be a believer in all people. Therefore, angels spread the news to more people through these shepherds. Then more people knew that Jesus was about to be born.

Later, people also imitated this angel and went around to publicize the day of Jesus 'birth, so there were people spreading the news of Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve night. To this day, it has evolved into Bao Jiayin. This activity also gradually passed down, so it gradually became the Christmas Eve in people's mouths, that is, Christmas Eve, so the night of December 24 is traditionally called "Christmas Eve".

Silent Night, Christmas Eve (December 24), is part of Christmas in most Christian countries, but now, due to the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, it has become a worldwide festival.