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How is Christmas going? Spuntree helps you arrange

How is Christmas going? Spuntree helps you arrange

Issue Time:2019-12-25
 How is Christmas going? Spuntree helps you arrange
Speaking of Christmas, the faces of many straight steel men may show contempt: Why do n’t I have to be a religious person during a Western Festival? But you ca n’t just say, will your girlfriend agree? As the most important festival in Western society, Christmas is also quite eye-catching for its packaging: warmth, romance, reunion, and its own bling bling halo, which can be seen from the Christmas trees and holiday decorations on the streets It can be seen that its influence on the Chinese is increasing year by year.

So how do you have a fulfilling and fun Christmas? As the representative of this year's environmental protection straws, Spuntree decided to enter the battlefield in person to create a typical model, and the old irons just have to learn everything. Not much to say, let's get started.

The first step to perfect Christmas strategy: the whole army is attacking.

Christmas in the West is basically equivalent to the Spring Festival in traditional Chinese culture, and it also pays attention to reunion. So be sure to bring the whole family with you for Christmas. Even for families with many children, old and young, they must get together to have a meal and live a festive atmosphere.

Christmas perfect strategy step two: where to go live

The Christmas map is lively and festive. Go to the most lively place in your city. The atmosphere there will not let you down. For example, in places such as shopping malls, movie theaters, and food courts, you can enjoy life while tasting food.

Christmas perfect Raiders step three: find your own scenery

If you really don't like liveliness, then find an unoccupied corner, drive away from the city, and go down in the snow and starry sky to open up a view of your own. For example, you can go camping in the countryside or barbecue in the wild. But be careful

In addition to helping you create this holiday guide, Spuntree also prepared a surprise Christmas gift for you. From now until December 31, enter Spuntree's official website and leave us a message, and you will enjoy a three-fold gift: one free reed straw, one wheat straw and one paper straw. Was it warmed by Spuntree? If so, go and take it home!