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Have you ever seen a straw made from rice?

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Have you ever seen a straw made from rice?

Issue Time:2020-01-07
Have you ever seen a straw made from rice?
At present, environmental protection issues are receiving widespread attention from various countries. According to media reports, South Korea began a trial of the plastic ban in August this year. To replace plastic straws, Spuntree has developed rice straws that can be eaten directly, using rice and tapioca flour as raw materials. It is understood that the monthly output of this straw has reached about 300 million.

From the appearance point of view, rice straws are not much different from ordinary plastic straws. According to the rice straw developer, 70% of the raw materials used in straws are rice and 30% cassava. Cassava is the raw material used to make pearls in pearl milk tea. Cassava is mainly used to make the straw strong and tough, and the surface is smoother. It is said that this rice straw can be soaked in hot water for more than 3 hours, and it can be soaked in cold water for longer. Judging from the taste, this straw is almost as hard as rice rice.

Because the production process is not complicated, the monthly output has increased to about 300 million pieces. Therefore, this straw has also attracted the attention of netizens. Many netizens have expressed their willingness to try and hope to promote it vigorously. Some netizens thought about what might happen when using this straw: I'm afraid the drink hasn't finished and the straw has already been eaten by me.

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