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Thailand's plastic ban triggers online carnival

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Thailand's plastic ban triggers online carnival

Issue Time:2020-01-08
Thailand's plastic ban triggers online carnival
Only one day after the Thai ban on plastics came into effect, it triggered a collective carnival among netizens, showing off all kinds of strange reactions from the public after shopping malls and supermarkets no longer provided plastic bags.

With the support of the relevant Thai government departments, the Thai Retailers Association has banned the use of plastic bags in 24,500 distribution channels of 75 brands since January 1, 2020.

After shopping in Thailand, you will be amazed by the luxury of using plastic bags in Thai shopping malls, supermarkets, and 711. One layer at a time and two layers at the end ... I really do n’t want money but are very environmentally friendly. At least you should reduce the amount! But the sudden availability of bags has also caused some public inconvenience. So naturally, the Thai people staged a carnival, each one performing well, showing how to use various alternatives to cope with the days without plastic bags.

This environmental protection action in Thailand is expected to reduce 13.5 billion plastic bags from invading the earth.