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Come on,China!Come on,Wuhan!

Come on,China!Come on,Wuhan!

Issue Time:2020-02-10
Come on,China! Come on,Wuhan!
The Spring Festival in 2020 is bound to be an unsettled year. In Wuhan, China, the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia affects the hearts of many Chinese people. So far, the number of confirmed cases has gradually stabilized.

In response to the call of the country, spuntree will suspend work and wait for the epidemic to end. It will produce and arrange delivery according to the order. I hope you can understand the inconvenience brought to you. If you need wheat straw or reed straw, you can contact us in advance. Book as early as possible and arrange as soon as possible after returning to work.

Regarding this epidemic situation, spuntree reminds you to pay attention to protection. Try not to go out and wear masks. When you go home, you should wash your hands and disinfect, exercise more, eat more vegetables and fruits, and improve your immunity. If you have fever or cough, see a doctor in time.

Finally, I hope we can control the virus as soon as possible. Come on, China and Wuhan. Thanks for the help and support from foreign friends. I believe that we will restore peace as soon as possible.