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Fighting new pneumonia, we are in action

Fighting new pneumonia, we are in action

Issue Time:2020-02-22
Fighting new pneumonia, we are in action
COVID-19 viru

In the new spring of 2020, a new coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, affecting the hearts of people across the country. The virus is spreading rapidly throughout the country. This year, all Chinese medical staff have made great contributions to the country. They stick to their posts, ignore their safety, give up their vacation and the opportunity to reunite with their families, and treat patients. The entire Spuntree staff paid their highest respect. 

In the work of preventing and controlling the COVID-19 virus, the Chinese people united as one, and many unknown heroes appeared in various jobs. Ordinary farmers who send food to Wuhan thousands of miles, truck drivers who transport goods voluntarily, police officers who adhere to the front line, entrepreneurs who donate materials, etc. So what can we do for the country? First, avoid going to crowded places and wearing masks in public places to avoid infection. Second, wash your hands frequently, pay attention to diet and personal hygiene. Third, symptoms such as fever, cough, etc. should be treated promptly, and contact with other people should be avoided during this period. Fourth, find concealed personnel and report in a timely manner to ensure public safety.

 With this article, I would like to extend to all those who have contributed to the prevention and control of COVID-19. I hope that when the spring blooms, we will welcome a healthy and prosperous China together.

Come on,China,Come on,Wuhan.