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COVID19 spreads rapidly in Italy,come on Italy!

COVID19 spreads rapidly in Italy,come on Italy!

Issue Time:2020-02-25
COVID19 spreads rapidly in Italy,come on Italy!
Italy covid19

The week that has just passed is undoubtedly a public security crisis for Italy. The number of confirmed cases in the country has soared from a few on February 20 to 229 on February 25. The number of deaths has increased to seven.


The explosive increase in the number of cases in Italy is mainly due to two contagious infections that occurred in the northern part of the country, that is, Italian citizens who returned from China in January and went out for dinner with relatives and friends after the symptoms did not appear during the observation period. Scale spread. At the same time, it was reported that the confirmed man had participated in football matches and marathons in many areas in northern Italy, and that his risk of being a "super communicator" was extremely high. Therefore, the sudden outbreak of the Italian epidemic was basically due to the long incubation period of the virus and the difficulty in identifying the symptoms, which caused negligence in the prevention and control of the returnees. In addition, the small number of previous cases has made Italy and the entire Europe not highly alert. Bring opportunity to the spread of the virus.


The large-scale outbreak in Italy has severely affected the northern region. The two concentrated outbreaks were located near Milan and Venice. The Veneto and Lombardy regions have announced corresponding blockade measures. It is expected that 50,000 residents in 11 municipalities will be restricted from moving in and out, and police will be deployed to patrol the main roads. The annual Carnival in Venice and several Italian Football League matches were forced to stop, schools, museums, opera houses and other public facilities were forced to close, and panic buying of necessities and epidemic prevention materials appeared in some areas.


From this epidemic in Italy, it can be seen that in the era of globalization, major public health events are a common challenge facing all humankind, and it is almost impossible to survive alone. We hereby urge everyone not to panic, to reduce staff turnover, not to dine together, wear masks when going out, wash hands in a timely manner, and pay attention to personal hygiene. The Chinese people will go through the difficulties together with the people of the world.