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Will new coronaviruses spread through objects?

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Will new coronaviruses spread through objects?

Issue Time:2020-02-27
Will new coronaviruses spread through objects?
Now the new coronavirus is found in many countries around the world, and the number of infections is also increasing. So what do we need to know about the new coronavirus, I will answer them one by one.
What is the main way Covid19 is spread?

1. Direct transmission, patient sneezing, coughing, talking droplets, exhaled gas in close contact with direct inhalation
2. Aerosol spreads, droplets are mixed in the air to form aerosols, which cause infection after inhalation
3. Contact spread, droplets deposited on the surface of the object, contact with infected hands, contact with mucous membranes such as oral cavity, nasal cavity, eyes, causing infection
Will I be infected by touching items or receiving courier?
According to experts, the water content of most droplets evaporates and becomes smaller droplet nuclei. There may be proteins, bacteria, and viruses inside. The droplet nuclei with a diameter of about 8 microns are in the air for about 20 minutes. Will disappear, droplet cores with a diameter of less than 4 microns, stay in the air for up to 90 minutes, and these data are obtained in a closed room without air and no sunlight. Under natural conditions, the probability of a virus- or bacteria-containing droplet nucleus floating in the air for a long time is very low, so it is not easy to survive on items. Why medical staff need to wear gloves is because they are in close contact with patients who have been diagnosed. In daily life, we need to pay attention not to rub eyes, pick noses, touch mouths, etc., wash hands frequently, wear masks, The distance between 1-2m. In addition, the company's epidemic prevention and control work is now complete. Employees have passed strict security inspections at work. Wear masks and gloves throughout the work process to minimize the risk of virus transmission.
How to prevent viruses? 

The first and most important thing is to wear a mask and not go to crowded places. The second is to pay attention to personal hygiene, do not use public tableware, try to use disposable tableware to ensure safety. Drink plenty of water, drink with a disposable straw as much as possible, and clean the cup in time. Many people feel that one-time things are wasted and will cause pollution to the environment. But in fact, single-use items can be as safe as possible without transmitting viruses. The straw we caused is not a plastic straw, but a paper straw, a straw made of environmentally friendly materials such as wheat straws. It will not cause harm to the environment and can be naturally degraded in the environment in 3-6 months. If you need, you can contact us to prevent viruses. We are strict. We make products with quality.