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Why use a disposable wheat straw?

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Why use a disposable wheat straw?

Issue Time:2020-03-03
Why use a disposable wheat straw?
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As plastic disposable products gradually withdraw from the market, more and more plastic products are being replaced, for example, plastic disposable cups are replaced by paper cups, disposable shopping bags are gradually replaced by cloth bags, and plastic lunch boxes are gradually replaced by kraft paper lunch boxes. The same is true for straws, but there are many products that can replace plastic straws, such as the most common paper straws, which have many patterns, many patterns, and good-looking styles. Now many well-known brands have begun to use them, such as Buck and McDonald's.

Besides paper straws, can you imagine wheat can be made into straws? At first, we didn't believe it. Until later, after we finished the production ourselves, we drank water with a straw made of wheat and found that it tasted great. Still feel the taste of drinking plain water? Then try a wheat straw. It has a natural wheat aroma, which will not affect the taste. It adds a new flavor to the plain water, which is very suitable for drinks or cocktails. Of course, it is very environmentally friendly. Our raw materials are collected from farmers to process mature wheat stalks. The use of waste also increases the income of farmers, killing two birds with one stone. Wheat straws are naturally degradable and will degrade over time without causing any harm to the air or soil.

Do you still use plastic straws or paper straws? Throw them away and try the straw made of wheat. It won't let you down.