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What should I do if my child hates drinking water?

What should I do if my child hates drinking water?

Issue Time:2020-03-10
What should I do if my child hates drinking water?
kids drinking straw
Water is the source of life. You must ingest a certain amount of water every day to maintain your body's functions. However, many babies are not used to drinking plain water. What should I do?

Children are young, and reasoning and persuasion may not be useful, so we need to take some clever ways to make them fall in love with drinking water. Many friends add sugar to the water to improve the taste of boiled water, so as to improve children's drinking habits, but also worry about eating too much sugar, children will tooth decay. Today, we will introduce you to several possible methods.

The first is to replenish water by eating some fruits with high moisture content. The fruit tastes good and is easy for children to accept. If you don't like car fruits, you can also use a juicer to squeeze juice for them.

The second is to encourage them to drink water through behavioral incentives. For example, drinking water can cheer him together, praise him more, and buy strange-shaped glasses to distract children's attention.

The third method is my own method. I drink water with a straw. When I was a kid, I used milk bottles to drink milk and drink water, so I also have a natural feeling for straws. The straw made of wheat straw, the straw made of wheat has the aroma of wheat when drinking water, without adding any sugar, it adds some natural flavor to the bland water. The texture of wheat is soft and will not harm the baby. After drinking water, you can also tell your child what the wheat pole looks like. Drinking water can also learn knowledge, which is a very good choice.

Finally, we have to tell everyone that the habit of drinking water needs to be cultivated, and parents must patiently guide their children to develop good habits.