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5 must pay attention to when drinking at a bar!

5 must pay attention to when drinking at a bar!

Issue Time:2020-03-11
5 must to pay attention to when drinking at a bar
bar drinking straws
1. If you don't want to be drunk by any staff member for no reason, you can just say it directly, don't keep them drinking, you always pay. Some marketers will drunk you for personal performance, order you the most expensive wine, and then let you checkout. If you don't like the sales manager, you can keep him away.

2. Don't drink the beer out of sight, come back to the toilet, change a cup, especially for girls, it is best not to come back to the toilet and drink a cup. Many people use the cups in the bar. It is difficult to guarantee the safety. Buy disposable straws, which are clean and hygienic. Many bars now use wheat straws, which is environmentally friendly and not afraid of waste.

3, girls do not fantasize about love, boys do not stick to the gun. (Some girls meet love here, very few; there aren't many boys here who have appointments.) If you go to a nightclub with this purpose, you will often be disappointed.

4, boys do not go with girls at random, especially those women who already have masters. Ninety percent of fighting disputes in nightclubs occur on the issue of women.

5. Take care of your personal belongings. Some people steal stolen wallets, handbags, and the like from nightclubs.