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Good news from Wuhan

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Good news from Wuhan

Issue Time:2020-03-21
Good news from Wuhan
Wuhan Railway Station Disinfection
Winter went on, the spring blossomed, and the hero returned. Wuhan, after a 58-day blockade, all good news is coming from Wuhan. Hubei has recently added 0, and patients in the square cabin hospital have cleared 0. 0 is the number most people want to hear in 2020. The covid-19 virus broke out in Wuhan in 2020. China responded in a timely manner and blocked all towns. With a large population base, it was a remarkable achievement to control the spread of the virus for a short time. We set up a hospital in 15 days to treat patients free of charge. Many heroes stick to the front line to protect our safety. Today, the Wuhan Railway Station was disinfected for the last time before opening. We are happy for our friends in Wuhan. Finally, their lives are about to return to normal.

For Wuhan, they are the victims of the virus. For the disease, we should not blame the Wuhan people. They are the most innocent people who have been locked in their own homes, cannot work, and can only wait for the epidemic to pass. The virus broke out in Wuhan, but it did not originate in Wuhan. We hope that everyone can take a rational view of this matter. China has made huge sacrifices and contributions to the control of the virus. When its supplies are scarce, it has also donated supplies to other countries and sent its own medical teams to foreign support.

While China controls the virus, the development of the global epidemic situation is still grim, and many people are still weak in prevention. We call on everyone to try not to go out at home and reduce the spread of the virus. Spuntree responds to this virus. We will purchase masks for friends abroad. Only the cost and shipping cost of mask purchases are required. We do not charge any fees to work with you to cope with the global virus. We hope everyone pays attention to safety and their own protection to avoid going out. Finally, I wish you all through the crisis in peace.