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2020.1.13 Earth Day, Green Earth, everyone has a responsibility

2020.1.13 Earth Day, Green Earth, everyone has a responsibility

Issue Time:2020-03-25
2020.1.13 Earth Day, Green Earth, everyone has a responsibility
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Earth Day is a festival dedicated to world environmental protection. It aims to raise people's awareness of existing environmental issues and mobilize people to participate in environmental protection movements to improve the overall environment of the planet through green and low-carbon life.

 Earth Day 2020 is Wednesday, April 22. The earth breeds all living things and is our home. The protection of the earth requires everyone to participate. The concept of "Jinshan Yinshan is green water and green mountains" is gaining popularity. The construction of ecological civilization, the concept of reverence for nature, and reverence for life are inseparable from the holding of Earth Day activities.

2020 seems to be a less peaceful year. The Australian mountain fire, the new crown virus outbreak all over the world, it seems that these are naturally reminding us to protect the environment and protect the planet. In recent years, people have been consciously carrying out these various environmental protection activities, but it seems that some people still do not realize the importance of environmental protection. These disasters in 2020 seem to remind us naturally that the new crown virus is undoubtedly the biggest punishment.

With regard to environmental protection, we still need to do a lot. Now various countries just start from banning the use of disposable plastic bags. Recently, companies such as Starbucks have started using paper straws to replace plastic straws. People's habits need to be slowly changed. What we do is to use as few plastic products as possible in daily life so as not to harm wildlife, which is the best contribution we can make to the planet.

Nature has sounded the alarm for us to protect the environment and animals. It is imperative that we can overcome the virus as soon as possible and return to normal life.