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Issue Time:2020-04-08
At 10:00 on January 23, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the Lihan Passage was temporarily closed.

At 0:00 on April 8, the prevention and control of the epidemic situation is expected to continue to improve, and all the channels for leaving Han are open.

At 0:02 on April 8th, the Fuhe toll station in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, the first self-driving car passed smoothly and entered the Wuhan Ring Expressway. The owner, Mr. Zhu, will go to Huanggang to work. He has been stuck here since returning to Wuhan in mid-January;

At 0:50 on April 8th, Wuchang Railway Station, which started from Xi'an, and the K81 train that stopped Wuchang left the platform as the first train carrying Wuhan passengers. After more than 300 passengers received the "Health Green Code" Leave smoothly

In 76 days, the airport public security dispatched more than 10,000 police officers to ensure that more than 540 flights of medical personnel and 82,900 passengers arrived and departed from Wuhan safely, ensuring that 1.218 million pieces of 103.61.7 tons of anti-epidemic materials arrived in Wuhan smoothly;

In 76 days, the railway police dispatched more than 65,000 police officers to ensure the safety of more than 6,300 people to Han. Passengers arrived and transferred 1,164 batches of more than 5,300 tons of materials. Freight arrived and transferred 1,584 vehicles, totaling more than 54,000 tons of materials for safe transshipment;

In 76 days, Wuhan public security organs dispatched more than 88,000 police officers, inspected and entered the city, persuaded more than 1,096,000 vehicles, and more than 1,814,000 personnel.

The strictest containment and control measures to resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic; 24 hours on duty to ensure the normal operation of the city.

After all the hard work, all the people who have paid for Wuhan have survived the difficulties in this virus blocking war. The Shadow Tiger of Wuhan University has opened, and new hope has arrived. I hope that friends from all over the world can overcome the virus as soon as possible and return to normal life.