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Ouyang Nana drinks soy milk with a metal straw

Ouyang Nana drinks soy milk with a metal straw

Issue Time:2020-04-14
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Ouyang Nana is a very actress in the entertainment industry. She often shoots video logs for fans. I believe many people have seen Ouyang Nana ’s vlog now. Ouyang Nana has been shooting vlogs since. Road, it will not be long before I share my daily vlog on Weibo, it can be said that it is really a fan. Recently, she updated another video, did you watch it?

On March 27th, Ouyang Nana updated a video, which recorded her daily life at home. She started shooting this time from getting up this time, and also recorded the process of eating her own breakfast. After getting up and washing, she ordered a breakfast takeout, and it didn't take long for her to get the takeaway. This time she drank soy milk, and Ouyang Nana also took photos while drinking soy milk.

After getting the takeaway, she told everyone that she ordered a cup of soy milk. It is really good to drink soy milk at breakfast. Ouyang Nana is also very good at breakfast! After that, she took out the soybean milk, but did not see her take out the straw prepared by the seller. Afterwards, I learned that she didn't need the straw from the seller, so this time there was no straw in the bag.

Ouyang Nana drinks soy milk for breakfast, but does not need the straw from the seller, see what she used: really good. Ouyang Nana didn't use the disposable straws in the breakfast shop. She took out the straw she prepared while drinking soy milk. When the lens shot her straw, you can see that the straw is made of metal, it looks very Textured, more advanced than ordinary straws.

Before drinking, Ouyang Nana also made this straw with everyone at this time. She said that this was actually bought by her sister Ouyang Nini. And as soon as she bought it, she bought a lot. Drinking water, there is also the thick one that can drink milk tea, she now uses such straws, even when drinking milk tea, she will use the straw she prepared.

In fact, she does not use disposable straws for environmental protection. If you bring a straw, you can use fewer disposable straws and reduce the use of some plastic products. It is still very meaningful for environmental protection. After seeing what she used to drink soy milk this time, the editor couldn't help but want to boast: too good, so love the environment, I will think of the little girl who will contribute to environmental protection, it is worth praise! What do you think?