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Is McDonald's paper straws environmentally friendly?

Is McDonald's paper straws environmentally friendly?

Issue Time:2020-04-16
Is McDonald's paper straws environmentally friendly?
McDonald's paper straws are really useful? The official came out to slap, on environmental protection KFC won this time!

As living conditions and quality become better and better, people usually choose a lot of food, and the natural taste will be more discerning. Including takeaway and online shopping, we also entered a new lifestyle. Today, many office workers make a living by taking out food. It is really convenient to buy what they need through online shopping.

Many foreign things also flow into our daily lives and become more and more accessible. The best way to enter China is fast food. This is the main food for foreigners to survive. It has also developed very well in China. Many fast food brands are very popular, of which KFC and McDonald's are the best.

Recently, McDonald's also launched a paper straw, through the implementation of this new straw, to protect the environment and reduce the use of plastic straws. You are also curious whether this paper straw has really played an environmental role? Unexpectedly, the official came out of the battle and admitted that the paper straws that were promoted were difficult to withdraw. Although it is recyclable, its thickness is difficult to recycle.

So at present, paper straws can only be thrown into the trash as general garbage. But at least it is better than refractory plastic. In terms of environmental protection, KFC really won this time! KFC also joined this camp. It introduced recyclable plates and no longer uses paper packaging boxes. The design of the box is also very good.

When it comes to french fries and chicken rice, they are not packed in plastic boxes, but in special glutinous rice paper. These ideas are very good, and they have indeed achieved the effect of environmental protection, reducing the use of plastic boxes. what do you think about this? Do you like KFC or McDonald's?