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One-time environmental protection customized tableware will eventually lead the development wave of the industry

One-time environmental protection customized tableware will eventually lead the development wave of the industry

Issue Time:2020-04-17
 One-time environmental protection customized tableware will eventually lead the development wave of the industry
According to statistics, in 2018, there were 364 million take-out users in China. On average, each person ordered take-out once a day. One take-out consumes 2 plastic tableware, which consumes 265.7 billion tableware a year, and the plastic waste generated will reach 10 million tons. .

The destination of these wastes, except for being buried and incinerated, is almost 0. The possibility of secondary recycling is almost zero. It takes 470 years to decompose after being buried, and we can imagine the pollution caused by incineration.

In addition to takeaways, many disposable tableware used in restaurant dining, such as chopstick covers, are still in plastic packaging, so the plastic waste generated every day is also a huge number.

The owner of a noodle shop specializing in takeout said that when he sees these plastic lunch boxes every day, he turns into a pile of non-degradable plastic waste through his own hands, and sometimes feels blamed when he thinks about it. After all, this is for convenience.

For some of their own interests, it has caused pollution to the social environment. He also knows that disposable environmentally-friendly tableware is definitely a trend in the future, but now the price of environmentally-friendly tableware and the degree of applicability to meals are currently not very good choices.

At present, the market can really be regarded as disposable "environmentally friendly" tableware, but the price is acceptable to everyone, only paper lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes are divided into raw paper, kraft paper, bamboo fiber paper, etc. In fact, the applicability of paper lunch boxes to meals is almost the same, but there is a certain gap in price. The cost of bamboo fiber paper and kraft paper is relatively higher, while the price of raw paper lunch boxes, The price of ordinary PP lunch boxes is basically the same, so the popularity of raw paper is still relatively high in the market.

Many merchants currently use plastic round bowls of about 1200ml, and the purchase price of currency is also about 0.65 yuan, and the custom-made paper bowls of the same size launched by Yimuxinxin have done in terms of aesthetics, brand promotion, and applicability A great improvement. Surprisingly, the price of environmentally friendly paper bowls and ordinary plastic round bowls is basically the same. Some restaurants with brand awareness have started to customize packaging tools with their own brand attributes after hearing such news. .

In addition to the disposable environmentally friendly paper bowls that can be customized for takeout, Spuntree also has disposable environmentally friendly tableware bags. The plastic packaging of the tableware bags used in takeout and dine-in is replaced with paper film, which reduces the generation of plastic waste to a certain extent. According to their own needs, restaurant owners can also use Spunttree to have its own independent factory, which greatly reduces the cost of production and logistics, and allows many small and medium restaurants to use the price of ordinary tableware and enjoy the service of environmentally friendly customized tableware.

A new era, a new market, environmentally friendly tableware + customized tableware, must be the future trend of the development of tableware in the catering industry. If you do not understand the reforms, the restaurant has stayed in place, and it will eventually be lost in the wave of catering enterprises.