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Still using plastic straws? The era of paper straws is here?

Still using plastic straws? The era of paper straws is here?

Issue Time:2020-04-22
Still using plastic straws? The era of paper straws is here?
paper straws
Recently, Starbucks launched the environmentally friendly series of star cups, and introduced direct drinking cup lids and paper straws that can replace straws.

Last year, Starbucks said that it would abandon plastic straws in Japanese stores this year and switch to paper straws. It is expected that its 1500 stores in Japan will use 200 million disposable plastic straws every year.

China produces 400 million takeaway garbage every week

In the past two years, China's food delivery industry has developed rapidly. In the first half of 2019 alone, China's online food delivery users reached 421 million. The waste generated by food delivery is at least 400 million per week. In other words, at least 400 million disposable packaging boxes, plastic bags and disposable tableware are discarded every week.

We must know that the degradation of each plastic bag takes at least 470 years. About 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. China's plastic dumping accounted for about 1/3, ranking first in the world. If one considers the disposal of disposable lunch boxes, the daily used lunch boxes are taller than Everest.

Garbage has seriously affected the environment in which we live.

Our country produces about 350 tons of takeaway garbage every day, which is 120,000 tons a year. Due to poor recycling channels, most of these wastes are eventually disposed of by landfill and incineration, which not only increases the burden of urban management, but also causes waste of resources and environmental pollution.

Takeaway food alone has such terrible data, plus some disposable tableware packaged in stores, the garbage generated has seriously affected the environment we live in.