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What kind of straw is good for the environment?

What kind of straw is good for the environment?

Issue Time:2020-05-07
What kind of straw is good for the environment?
This may look like an ordinary plastic straw and it may even be like one too,but it is not made of plastic.

We work with food service providers, predominantly larger brands, to help them get quality sustainable and cost-effective solutions, made from plants to start getting rid of single-use plastics.

Single-use plastics such as bottles or straws are major cause of pollution.

When we throw these away, they end up in a landfill or in the water like rivers.

According to researchers, it could take up to more than 500 years for them to properly decompose.

But ever since the hiking trip in West Virginia,when he spent more time picking up trash than enjoying nature,his priorities changed.

That meant making biodegradable products that can break down in only a few years.

While many cafes and restaurants are choosing paper products to be more eco conscious,it isn't cheap.

Paper straws can cost about eight times more than plastic straws.

But bio plastic straws cost less than a penny a straw,not even double the price of plastic ones.

Another problem with paper straws is that they get soggy.

You don't want to be sipping something that alters your drink, or starts to melt while you're drinking and then you have to get another paper straw,which and creates more wastes than needed.