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How to distinguish true and false from degradable garbage bags

How to distinguish true and false from degradable garbage bags

Issue Time:2020-08-08
How to distinguish true and false from degradable garbage bags
Affected by today's garbage classification, the sales of classified garbage bins, intelligent garbage recycling machines, kitchen waste shredders and other products have increased sharply on major e-commerce websites. In terms of garbage bags, since everyone is conscious of environmental protection, they have purchased a variety of "eco-garbage bags" and "environmental-friendly garbage bags", especially the garbage bags marked with the "degradable" keyword have become a hot seller. .

But although people deliberately choose to use "degradable plastic bags", little is known about the concept of "degradable". Are those so-called "ecological garbage bags" and "degradable garbage bags" really degradable?

Degradable garbage bag market fish dragon mixed

The market for degradable garbage bags is complex, and many ordinary garbage bag manufacturers have transformed into a degradable garbage bag business, lacking the necessary technical research and development. Some businesses even buy at low prices and sell at high prices, even without factories, and start a business of degradable garbage bags.

This has led to many low-cost, quality-unable degradable garbage bags "flowing" to the market, which has a great impact on the reputation of the degradable garbage bags industry.

How should we distinguish between genuine and fake ecological garbage bags and degradable garbage bags?

1. Choose a manufacturer with real technical strength

If this company does not have any technical capital, technical personnel, research and development time and other inputs for degradable garbage bags, the quality of the degradable garbage bags produced by this merchant is worrying.

2. Technical certification

The degradable properties of ecological garbage bags can be evaluated through experiments by a national authoritative third-party research institution to determine whether they meet the degradable standards.